Showcase of Croydon innovations that tackle injuries and cancer - and even use ‘virtual reality’ to boost stroke recovery | Trust news

Showcase of Croydon innovations that tackle injuries and cancer - and even use ‘virtual reality’ to boost stroke recovery

Clinicians at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust have been recognised for their remarkable year of innovation and research.
An afternoon of presentations was followed by an award ceremony at Croydon University Hospital on 20 June 2018, during the Trust’s 17th Annual Research and Development Day.

Its 56 current research projects improve healthcare and mean Croydon citizens can access innovative new treatments. The number and scale of the projects continues to grow. The Trust was ranked 10th most active in the country by the National Institute for Health Research in August 2017.
The studies at Croydon University Hospital include:

  • Using an immersive 3D virtual reality computer simulation called MindMaze Pro to help patients recover faster from stroke, compared to normal techniques such as encouraging self-dressing etc. Their mental health improved too and they enjoy how the device makes it easier to see their own progress.
  • Demonstrating that underweight young men (having a Body Mass Index less than 18.5) are 35 per cent more likely to develop Crohn’s Disease than heavier young men. It can be up to 40 years later before the higher risk manifests through developing the disease.
  • We developed a process for identifying new-borns who can be safely and effectively treated with a shorter course of antibiotics. This means they can be discharged home more quickly, minimising antibiotic use and inpatient admission.
  • CUH is one of only two London trauma units using special ‘triage’ procedures to identify major trauma in elderly patients who come to A&E. This ‘safety net’ of additional checks addresses the problem of many elderly arriving at regular A&E trauma centres when they might need to be seen elsewhere or see particular senior doctors. It has significantly reduced any missed injuries resulting from traumatic accidents such as falls.
  • Demonstrating the need for better support around the sexual health of women who have sex with women. Despite the public perception, the women experience comparable rates of sexually transmitted infections, increased alcohol, tobacco and drug misuse and increased rates of chemical use for sex. Trust researchers say that national policies and greater awareness would help them.
  • Running South London’s largest cancer study, called NICE FIT, which has recruited more than 4,000 participants so far. By 2019 it aims to provide important evidence for an easy to administer bed-side test - enabling GPs throughout England to give highly accurate bowel cancer tests for people of all ages and backgrounds and reduce colonoscopies by at least 50 per cent. The organisation RM Partners helped our Trust to get funding and launch it regionally.
  • Improving the transition from receiving children’s care to adult health and social care for the high population of young people in Croydon who have chronic health conditions. The transition can be made more seamless if services make adjustments such as agreeing an appropriate age where the transition should occur.
  • Showing that women experiencing severe nausea during pregnancy should more often receive care in settings other than an overnight hospital stay. Doing so is at least as good, if not better, for each woman and helps the NHS to manage pressure on hospital beds, as well as ensuring that the patient is in the right place appropriate for their care.

Dr John Chang (paediatric consultant and head of research at the Trust) was one of the judges and said:
“We are very proud to have a strong, expanding hub of high quality research in Croydon. Our award winners are the first to praise their teammates and work well together.
“Our research helps to improve care across the country and also means our patients in Croydon sometimes get novel treatments that aren’t available elsewhere. We know our hard work helps get potentially lifesaving treatments onto the market as quickly as possible.”

A panel of six senior judges from the Trust and neighbouring Trusts named six winners and other highly commended teams. The categories recognise the quality of the studies and also the quality of their all-important posters, which are vital for displaying discoveries to experts across the country and even abroad:

  • Research - Award Winner: ‘NICE FIT Study: Multicentre Diagnostic Test Accuracy.’ By N D’Souza, G Hicks, L Varathajan, S Benton and M Abulafi.
  • Research - Highly commended: ‘Body mass index in young men and risk of inflammatory bowel disease through adult life: A population-based Danish cohort Study.’ By M A Mendall, C B Jensen, Tia Serensen, L H Angquist, T Jess.
  • Clinical Service/Service Improvement - Award Winner: ‘Can we identify moderate/severe injury in elderly patients.’ By D Peel and M Agarwal.
  • Clinical Service/Service Improvement - Highly Commended: ‘Quite Hungry: Establishing Nursing Appetite for Quality Improvement in The Paediatric Department.’ By H Bucyana and B Cahill.
  • Audit - Award Winner: ‘CT Urography in Adults Under 40 for Haematuria – Are we doing too many?’ By D Nicholson-Thomas, S Zebari, K Patel and N Jeyadevan.
  • Audit - Highly Commended: ‘Is the duration of antibiotic treatment in neonates with suspected sepsis appropriate?’ By N Monks, A Kantheti and A Kumar.
  • Research – Poster Award Winner: ‘A Review of Fourth Degree Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries.’ By A Taithongchai, P Latthe, S Hagen, A H Sultan and R Thakar.
  • Research - Highly Commended Poster: ‘What happens if it isn’t Early Inflammatory Arthritis? - A Retrospective case note review of patients referred to our EIA service who did not have EIA.’ By A Pulikal, S Levy and T Ahmed.
  • Clinical Service/Service Improvement – Poster Award Winner: ‘Vague Abdominal Symptoms Pathway Trial at Croydon University Hospital.’ By P Stamoulos, K Patel, J Ross, N Beech, C Walters, R Jenkins and S Gupta.
  • Clinical Service/Service Improvement – Highly Commended Poster: ‘Sexual Health Needs of Women who have sex with Women (WSW Attending An Outer London Sexual Health Clinic.’ By R Marchant and A Barbour.
  • Audit – Two Joint  Poster Award Winners: ‘Transition Planning In Acute And Community Children Services’ by W Lau and J Okpala, and ‘Hyperemesis Gravidarum “Ambulatory vs. Inpatient Management.’ by E Siriboe and G Mair.


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